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Payment modes?

Cash, Interac, Visa & Master Card, also Paypal online.  No refund, exchanges only within seven days.  Gift-certificates available.  

Credit card payment not working?

Your first address must be the one on your credit card invoice - validation to avoid fraud.  Then you can create other addresses for shipping.


What are the return policies?    

For the return policies, see this link


What are the terms and conditions?    

For the information, see this link


Where is it made?  

We now do have our own clothing line, made in Quebec!!  Look for our Fleur-de-Lys logo!

Most of our other suppliers are American or from the U.K. - some clothes are made in the United States, others in China. Check the origin in the data sheet.


What are the sizes available? Do you have XS? What is your biggest size? 

The choice depends on when you come. There are some XS (and some S are in fact XS, depending on supplier). There are also up to 18 or 3X (maximum 40 inches waist). There is a little less choice in the extremes, but it is always possible to order missing sizes, according to suppliers.   Please see related size charts in the pictures!


The final touch!

Add the perfect accessories to complete you look...